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National Forest Administration - ROMSILVA, ROMANIA, 2017
State Forest Conference

Your Host

In 2017, the Eustafor Conference is being hosted by the National Forest Administration - Romsilva.

 Romsilva is the administrator of 3.1 mil ha of state forests which represents almost half of the entire forest area in Romania and around 1 million hectares of private forests.
 Romsilva coordinates 41 county departments (forest directorates) – consisting of 314 forest districts -, 22 national and nature park administrations, 1 horse breeding department and 1 Hunting Museum – ,,Posada”. 16.000 employees are working in Romsilva.
 Romsilva implements the Romanian national forestry strategy in order to protect, preserve and sustainably manage state owned forests, as well as hunting grounds and fisheries on these forests, for the purpose of harvest, processing and sale of specific forest products.
 In terms of economy, Romsilva’s major income (83 – 86%) comes from wood harvesting and processing/sale. In the last years, Romsilva harvested a volume of 8.9 – 9.5 mil. cubic meters, although the annual allowable cut is somewhere between 11.5 – 12 mil c.m.